Top 5 Easy Trick To Collect Free Gems In Stumble Guys

So do you know that you can get many Gems for free inside Stumble Guys game, if you do not know then today we are going to tell you how to get Gems for free in Stumble Guys.

If you also play Stumble Guys, then you will know that inside this game you have to give a lot of gems to ask for skins, emote etc. But today we will tell you that inside Stumble Guys game for free Gems and everything How to take. So let us now know what are those 3 ways by which we can get Gems inside Stumble Guys Game for free.

Top 5 Easy Trick To Collect Free Gems In Stumble Guys

Top 5 Easy Trick To Collect Free Gems In Stumble Guys

1. Old Version Of Stumble Guys

If you have been playing Stumble guys for a long time, then you would know that till version 0.29 you used to get a lot of gems for free by watching Google Ads daily but in the new update the gems have been reduced a lot and the number of items inside this game The price has been increased too much so that we all players can take anything inside the gameYou have to struggle a lot for that.

You can still get a lot of games for free using the old version click on the link below to download the old version of the Stumble Guys game.


2. Free Redeem Code Apps

If you do not want to download the old version of Stumble Guys game, then you can resort to the app that gives you redeem codes for free with the help of Play Store, the app with redeem codes will be found in many on Play Store, just you can find any trusted app. Download it and complete the task given in itYou can buy gems for free with the redeem code.

3. Participate In Giveaway

By the way, you must have also participated in Giveaway at one time or another. Actually Giveaway is mostly on YouTube, they keep some target or the other, after completion of which they announce, you can participate in them and get Gems for free.

4. Stumble Guys Tournament

Every week the content creators in the Stumble Gayatri community, they all organize some tournament every week, whose prize pool is very high, then you also join the tournament and because of your good performance, you will get more amount of gems for free.

5. Discord Server

Many of you will know that there are many community events happening on the official Discord server of Stumbley Guys. In which you can take a lot of gems by participating.

The community event happens every week, it is announced on the official Discord server of Stumble Guys, sometimes in this you are also asked a question and answer event.