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Ocean Domination


Version :- 1.0.3.
Operating system :- 6.0 and up.
Content rating :- 4.5 🛡️
Installs :- 100,000+.
Product :- $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers :- Ryan Rusk Games.
Interact :- In-Game Purchases.

Ocean Domination

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About of Game

In the depths of the mysterious ocean, there are murderous intentions everywhere

In the depths of the mysterious ocean, there are murderous intentions everywhere.
The waves silently drowned the night, over the corners at the end of the sky, and the big fish swam through the crevices in the sea, staring at your thin silhouette
You will be an inconspicuous little fish in the sea. The law of nature is who is stronger and who is weaker, the strong self-esteem, and the weak feed.
In order to survive, you need to constantly eat fish smaller than you and grow up quickly.
When there is a dense school of fish, how will you deal with this wave of catastrophe?
Strive to become the overlord of the sea, even the strongest fish may die. There are murderous intentions hidden everywhere in the ocean, and unknown areas are waiting for you to explore.

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