Privacy Protection

 As DPA MODS’s privacy policies explain how personal data and other privacies are protected when using our services. Accordingly, users have agreed by using these services that DPA MODS may use such data. Accordingly, with the set procedures of the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we shall remove any and all copyrighted content of repeated infringers.

 User Consent

 By using the services provided by DPA MODS, users consent to give their personal information in the event of downloading or installing content. If any users or legal guardians disagree with the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy YOU MAY NOT download nor install any of the content provided by DPA MODS.

 Personal Information

 It is important to safely handle the personal information of our users. DPA MODS shall only use users’ personal information in context with their own content provided. Furthermore, the use of personal information will only be used to provide seamless use of DPA MODS Services. We will never disclose the information of its users, unless it comes into direct violation with the law.

 Data and Information Given:

 Your location information

 Your mobile device data: device type, operating system, device name

 Data regarding your PC: computer’s browser, operating system

 Data regarding your actions on our website

 Your comments, and ratings

 Your cookie information

 Your IP information

 How the Information is Used:

 To customize the App which is available to you

 To personalize your own experience

 To offer you additional services and Apps which we think may be of interest to you

 To prevent fraud and criminal activity

 Privacy Policies are Subject to Change

 In order to maintain efficiency and consistent information, DPA MODS may update or edit their privacy policies at any time.

 For any concerns or issues regarding privacy policies, users may contact the DPA MODS Support Team at any time.